Greeks burdened with 4 billion euros before end of year

Government aims to collect 7 billion by the end of the year

The Greek government is expected to pass the budget, on Saturday’s parliamentary session, which provides for an additional 1.1 billion euros in taxes and 1.5 billion in pension and spending cuts for 2017. The government is seeking to collect a total of 7 billion Euros by the end of the year in an effort to maintain its positive GDP surplus figures recorded over the past 11 months. In order to achieve this Greek taxpayers will be called on to pay the ENFIA tax, vehicle registration fees, income tax and VAT over the next period. More specifically, by December 30, when the deadlines expire, citizens will have to pay:
1. 6.36 million taxpayers will have to settle their fifth instalment of the ENFIA property tax for 2016 amounting to 624 million euros.
2. A quarter of a million companies will have to pay out the 6th or 7th monthly income tax for 2015, which is estimated at 1 billion euros.
3. Businesses with certified double-entry books will be compelled to pay either part or the total VAT for November and October worth 1 billion euros.
4. Over 5 million car owners will have to pay vehicle registration fees amounting to 1.1 billion euros,
5. Taxpayers will have to settle any outstanding debts included in the 100 instalment scheme amounting to 300 million euros.