Greeks partying in balconies amid coronavirus isolation (video)

You can’t keep a Greek down

Greeks are renowned for their proclivity to partying. So, amid the coronavirus lockdown it was always going to be difficult to completely suppress their innate urges to have fun and enjoy their lives.

A group of people in an Athens neighbourhood came up with a novel idea to comply with the mandatory curfew and party at the same time. The residents of an apartment building in Athens (possibly in Glyfada) started throwing the traditional napkins in the air from their balconies as a man was dancing on a car (hopefully his own), while music was blasting in the background.

Under the sounds of the song “Rixe sto Kormi Mou”, by Katerina Kouka, the partiers made the best of the quarantine in a mini party, which appears to be catching on around the country, as more and more people are trying to find ways to cope with the self-isolation. The video was posted on the Facebook page of Ilias Skanatovits.

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