Greeks struggle to pay over 2.5 billion euros in taxes starting Friday!

Taxpayers declaring inability to cover debts

Over 7 million Greek taxpayers will be called upon to pay around 2.5 billion euros starting Friday. September 29 is the deadline for the payment of the first installment of the special property tax (ENFIA) and people have rushed to the tax authorities with the hope of reaching a settlement of their overdue debts, citing their inability to cover their arrears. Friday is also the deadline for the second installment of the personal income tax. The Finance Ministry is due to receive 630 million euros from the 1st ENFIA down-payment, with the authorities estimating they will receive at least 1.027 billion, as many Greeks will opt to pay one off or via credit cards the totality of the debt. Greek citizens have been exhausted over the past 7 years and are reaching their limits when it comes to taxes, and many have opted to enter a 12-month arrangement to pay off their income tax.