Greeks vs. Germans: Who spends more on Valentine’s Day?

Dinner the best gift for the day, agree Greek men and women

Even the most hardcore romantics will admit that among other things, the celebration of Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for a wide variety of stores to register huge profits. Restaurants and flower shops see their turnovers skyrocket on February 14.

But how much do Greeks spends on Valentin’s Day? A recent survey by Picodi, an online marketplace, published by newspaper “Kathimerini”, revealed that Greeks spend about €74 on average to celebrate their love! According to the same figures, Germans are considering splashing out €73 for the day, Portuguese 61 and Russians 51, while Chinese, Americans and Brits have a “budget” of over 100 euros.

Dinner at restaurants, excursions, clothes, jewellery and erotic toys are the top choices Greek men spend their money on for their partners, while Greek women reciprocate with clothes, sweets, perfumes and a… card, saying they believe the best gift for the day is a meal, with flowers being the least desirable. Men seem to agree with the meal as being the best gift, with the least desirable being an electronic item.
Only 23% of Greek men and 18% of Greek women in a relationship say they will not celebrate Valentine’s Day.