Grenade attack against Kessariani Police Station while the Police HQ tried to keep it a secret!

A taxi driver has been injured


A taxi driver was injured after a grenade attack took place on Monday morning at the Kesariani Police Station, in Athens. The incident only became known after the anarchist website of “athens.indymedia” published details on their website, as the police denied knowledge of any such incident.

The Greek police’s unprecedented initial effort to cover up the attack is even more damning to its public image due to the fact that there was an injured citizen.

According to reports, the unlucky motorists had stopped on Philolaou Street at around 5 at dawn on Philolaou Street to check his vehicle’s engine. He suddenly felt a burning pain in his legs from the fragments. After arriving at the hospital and upon receiving medical attention, it was ascertained that he had sustained wounds from hand grenade fragments.

Only after the incident was reported in the hospital log, did the Police officially confirm the grenade attack at a distance of about 50 meters from the local police station. Earlier the incident had been confirmed to by sources from the counter-terrorism division.