Grigoropoulos rallies: Molotovs in Patras & Exarchia (video-photos)

The police was well-prepared this year

Numerous Molotovs were thrown in Patras shortly before the end of the rallies organized by leftist organizations and anarchists for the 11-year anniversary of the memory of young Alexandros Grigoropoulos’s assassination.

According to local media outlets, on their return, protesters threw dozens of Molotov cocktails at the police forces that accompanied them from a distance.

The police responded immediately with tear gas grenades while a Molotov cocktail bomb set fire to a balcony.

The rallies in Athens were more peaceful. At the Exarchia, however, once again there was some tension, albeit limited compared to previous years.

The march, which ended with no major incidents, started from the Propylaea and then it headed to the Parliament and finally to Exarchia and Tzavella Street, where the teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos was assassinated.

Around 19 people have been apprehended by the police, 10 of which turned into arrests.