Hagia Sophia: “The frescoes will be covered with special technology & lighting” says Hurriyet

Islam considers the depiction of people, saints etc. as idolatry

The frescoes of Hagia Sophia will be concealed with special technology and lighting, according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, after the decision to turn the iconic Christian temple and historical symbol into a mosque.

Specifically, as the Turkish newspaper reports, special curtains will be placed which will be opened during the prayer, while on the floor there will be carpets which will be illuminated to darken the space and hide the paintings.

Other Turkish newspapers were praising the decision with Yeni Safak talking about the “resurrection” of Hagia Sophia and Turkiye writing on its front page: “The suffering of the Hagia Sophia mosque is over. The chains of the 86-year-olds were broken”.

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With these decisions “Turkey defies Europe again”, according to the French daily Le Figaro.

“So we have learned the name of Istanbul’s 3.272nd mosque: the Hagia Sophia”, the article said, adding that the Turkish president could “fulfill the dream” of Islamists and nationalists in Turkey which was “the re-conquest, religiously and politically, of this symbol of Constantinople”.