Half-naked activists protest against bull-fighting in Spain (videos)

More than 50 animal rights activists staged protest in the Spanish city of Pamplona

There is a social debate going on in Spain over whether the country should ban its trademark bull-fighting and bull-running events. Animal rights groups warn that dozens of bulls are killed annually in Pamplona, at the iconic San Fermin festival.

More than 50 animal rights activists staged a protest against the famous bull-running tradition in the Spanish city of Pamplona, as the San Fermin fiesta is about to begin.

Wearing nothing but black underpants, members of PETA and Spanish animal protection group AnimaNaturalis lay in white silhouettes of ‘murdered’ bulls on a hot cobbled square in the city centre.
Some of them also wore bull horns and had fake lances in their backs – a reference to the weapon which the picador (“picker” in Spanish) pricks the bull with to commence the fight.

The stunt took place one day ahead of the San Fermin festival, an eight-day fiesta famous for its bull-running spectacular, in which the animals chase daredevil participants through the streets to the ring where they are stabbed to death.
The scene of the stunt, which involved 54 protesters from Spain, the UK, the US, Ireland and Australia, was cordoned off with yellow tape, representing the bulls’ “crime scene”.

source: sputniknews.com