Harry Maguire found guilty of bodily harm, insulting a police officer & attempted bribery

He was given a 21 month prison sentence but his side will appeal


The court in the Greek island of Syros found Harry Maguire guilty of all the offenses he was charged with, being bodily harm, insulting a police officer and attempted bribery of police officers. The other two defendants were also found guilty.

The court accepted the lawful life of the leader of Manchester United, while after the end of their session, the judges decided, according to information, a sentence of 21 months in prison for Harry Maguire and 13 months for the other two defendants. The side of the English ace will appeal.

The 27-year-old leader of Manchester United was arrested with his brother, Joe, and their friend, Chris Sharman, after the incident that followed three-days of heavy drinking.

All three defendants, who did not appear in court (the father of the United ace was present), were charged with assault and violence against a police officer. The brothers were further charged with attempted bribery and verbal assault on police officers. Maguire was represented by lawyer Alexis Anagnostakis, who had been hired by Manchester United.

It is noted that bribery charges carry a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine.

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