Hellenic Navy: Impressive new camouflage on Fast Attack Craft! (PHOTOS)

The camouflage is under evaluation


The Hellenic Navy’s (HN) Fast Attack Craft (FAC) TROUPAKIS (P23) was spotted recently, during one of the many Search & Rescue Exercises (SAREX) in Cyprus, with a new camouflage pattern!

This is news indeed, as the HN hasn’t been using camouflage patterns on its main battle units. The only units using camouflage until now is the Greek SEALs (ΔΥΚ) but their Assault fast crafts are considerably smaller for obvious operational reasons.

It remains to be seen if the pattern tested will be adopted or not.

Finally, it will be interesting to see if it will be used for its bigger ships like frigates and Landing Craft Tanks (LCT) or if the pattern is strictly aimed in assisting the FACs in hiding next to islands and islets in the Aegean Sea’s complex potential Naval battlefield.

In the past and especially during WWII, the Hellenic Navy used camouflage even in big battle ships like the Cruiser HS GEORGIOS AVEROF .

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(HS FAC Troupakis)



(HS Cruiser Georgios Averof during WWII)