Athens high school teacher arrested for having sex with teen (14) schoolgirl

The 44-year-old teacher managed to seduce the 14-year-old girl after 1 year of flirting

A high school teacher has been arrested after it was revealed he was having sexual intercourse with an underaged girl.

The 44-year-old man, who teaches Math and Physics at a high school in Ilioupoli, a southeastern suburb of Athens, was taken into custody after a mother submitted a complaint to the Attica Security Directorate for the Protection of Minors, after she accidentally saw her 14-year-old daughter meet the teacher outside the school.

The teacher, who is married and the father of two children, had been in a relationship with the teenage girl for a year. The couple had been dating in the southern suburbs without the parents of the girl realising it.

The 44-year-old was arrested after he confessed about his illegal relationship with the minor following hours of questioning. The teenager, with the help of experienced officers from the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate, relayed the methods the predator used to seduce her. The 44-year-old reportedly approached the girl a year ago and after persistent flirting, finally managed to persuade her to have a relationship. A year later he persuaded her to have sex. Photos of them were found on the student’s mobile phone.

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