Hilarious T-shirt fails that will have you in stitches (photos)

They clearly did not think it out enough before opening their front door…

We’ve all seen some pretty hysterical t-shirts before, but the following list has to be up there as one of the most hilarious.
Just looking at them makes you wonder if people actually take the time to look at at what they throw on before leaving their house!

So what if she’s blonde! So what if she’s got a t-shirt that says collage and not college?! She’s got every write to where this shert!

Could there have been a more fitting photo in the history of hysterical t-shirts? I think not. This photo needs no caption, because ladies and gentlemen, it already exists on his shirt.

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You know, when you go shopping for hysterical t-shirts, maybe try to choose one that isn’t orange with the text “GUILTY” on it. There’s just something very incriminating about it. This guy knows.

Listen, we all know that beating anorexia is no easy task, so we can take our hats off to this guy. His next challenge might be beating obesity, but let him indulge in his first victory first.

There’s no question about subliminal messaging having their effect on our brains – just think of the reason you last bought a certain product over another one. This might not be an entirely subliminal message, but we do know that it works.

You might not know it, but Greg is an incredible guy. All the girls practically fall over him, but thank goodness, as his t-shirt tells, there’s enough of Greg to go around, ladies.

There’s a chance you missed the cast on his arm, but we give Kevin full credit for being so honest. He doesn’t just do dumb things, he owns the fact that he does dumb things.