Hilarious: This “Paul Is Dead” sign is the most amazing mistranslation

Have you read the news today? Oh boy…


When traveling around the world, you might notice some things get lost in translation.

With so many people with so many languages intersecting on this little blue planet of ours, it’s easy to make a mistake.

This is definitely the case when Hend Amry went to Iraq’s Erbil International Hotel on Tuesday. Apparently, a label at the hotel restaurant meant to spell “meat ball” in English was accidentally (but amusingly) written as “Paul Is Dead” instead.

Amry explains that the transliteration for meatball sounds like “mayit baul,” with apparently sounds like “Dead Paul” in Arabic.

Beatles fans who are aware of the age-old conspiracy theory of Paul McCartney being dead and the band replacing him with a doppelganger (and leaving hints about it in their albums) will certainly get a kick out of this.