The son of the Parliament’s President reveals abduction by secret services

Nikos Voutsis’ son was allegedly ambushed by secret services and was obliged to travel only with his boarding pass

George Voutsis – Vogiatzis has been sharing his recent experience of an abduction in Mexico. In a website, he described that his abduction started from Athens, when the employee of the company that had issued his ticket and his reservation told him that he wouldn’t be able to check in, first for technical and then for security reasons. When he landed in London, he was ambushed by secret services and he was obliged to travel only with his boarding pass. There, he said, the CIA started to implement its disappearance plan against him. When he arrived in Mexico, he was told that there had been a problem with his passport and he was escorted to a room with four men, who started asking him if he was ever convicted and announced to him that they know that he was charged in 2007 with an expropriation of a bank. Then an investigator told him that they believe he is a member of a revolutionary group that has trained him in using guns and explosives. In the end, they declared a terrorist and they forced him to return to Athens.