Historic Kim-Trump meeting in Singapore (photos-videos)

Trump says meetings were good

President Trump and Kim Jong Un have concluded their official schedule of meetings in Singapore, meetings Mr. Trump said he thinks went “better than anybody could have expected.” Mr. Trump also said he and Kim will be “signing” some sort of document.
But it’s unclear yet exactly what that means. A press conference is scheduled for 4 p.m. local time, or 4 p.m. EDT, in which more details will come forward.
As they began, Mr. Trump said he thinks he and Kim will have a “terrific relationship,” and Kim, through a translator, said North Korea had to overcome a number of “obstacles” to get to this moment.
The stakes are high — the U.S. seeks nothing less than the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, and Kim wants to see the sanctions on the North eased.
Mr. Trump and Kim participated in a one-on-one meeting, with translators only, followed by an expanded meeting including their top advisers, and a working lunch.
Here is what was said at the top of an expanded bilateral meeting between Mr. Trump and Kim, and their top officials.
TRUMP: “Working together, we will get it taken care of.”
KIM: “There will be challenges ahead but we will work with Trump. We overcame all kinds of skepticism and speculations about this summit and I believe that this is good for the peace.”
TRUMP: “We will solve it…and I look forward to working on it with you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you.”

After their one-on-one meeting, Mr. Trump and Kim sat down for an expanded bilateral meeting.
In the room representing the U.S. are chief of staff John Kelly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton.
Ahead of that expanded bilateral meeting, Mr. Trump was asked how their summit is going so far.
“Very good,” Mr. Trump said. “Very, very good. We have a great relationship. Thank you, thank you very much.”
Mr. Trump and Kim shook hands for the first time just moments after 9 a.m. Mr. Trump did not smile as they shook hands, although Kim was spotted smiling after they greeted.
They shook hands for several seconds, before walking off towards their meeting together.

source: cbsnews,com