Hitler’s French “grandson” takes DNA test to see if he is related to Fuhrer

French plumber claims he is Adolf Hitler’s grandson

A French plumber who claims to be Adolf Hitler’s grandson is undergoing a DNA to establish if he is related to the Fuhrer.
The Frenchman is convinced his late father, Jean-Marie Loret, was Hitler’s illegitimate son conceived long before the tyrant led Germany into the Second World War.
Loret , 62, believes his grandmother Charlotte Lobjoie had a fling with the Nazi leader, then a young German corporal, fighting in northern France in the summer of 1916.
Now state-run Russian television channel NTV has taken a DNA sample from him and brought it to Moscow to be tested against genetic material from Hitler’s remains retrieved by Stalin’s forces which stormed the dictator’s Berlin bunker in 1945.
The channel quoted Loret saying: “Rossiya proshu pomoschi” (Russia, I beg for help).
The NTV presenter said: “He is ready to repeat this line in broken Russian endlessly: ‘Russia, I beg for help.’

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