Horrifying footage shows biker crash head on with car (warning: distressing video)

The rider suffered a broken back among other injuries

Police in Yorkshire, UK released a video of a horrifying head-on collision between a motorcyclist and car, which left the biker with a broken back destroyed his motorbike on impact.

The accident occurred 0n 28 April last year, when the 35-year-old was riding along a road and was hit by a driver travelling 70mph on the wrong side of the road.

The horrifying footage first shows the car travelling around a blind left-hand bend. Due to the driver’s excessive speed, it veers on to the wrong side of the road.

As the Subaru driver fails to regain control, the video shows the motorcyclist brake, before the two collide head-on.

The motorcyclist is then catapulted through the air.

He suffered a broken back, a broken sternum and a broken wrist in the crash.

His Suzuki K7 sports bike was completely destroyed on impact.

The victim, from Barnsley, has since credited the protective gear he was wearing at the time with saving his life.

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