Horrifying video shows woman falling from park ride (video)

The accident occurred in Mexico

A woman fell from a fairground ride in Mexico and was then hit by the rotating gondola as it flipped round.

The woman was seen dangling from the ride in Ciudad Juarez as it swung upwards.

As she dropped down, the axle continued to flip round and the gondola clattered into the woman, knocking her backwards off the ride’s platform.

Video capturing the moment she fell showed the woman before the accident sitting on the fairground ride as it repeatedly rotated 360 degrees.

When the pendulum ride held its passengers upside down, the woman’s body dropped and she grabbed hold of the ride to stop herself from hitting the floor.

But as it then swung back down the woman was hit by the descending ride and was dragged along the floor.

The momentum of the ride then pushed her off the stand at speed, sending her flying backwards.

At the end of the video, the woman could be seen getting up and standing at the side of the attraction watching as it continued to rotate.

The operators tried to slow the ride down after realising an accident had taken place.

It is not known if the unnamed woman suffered any injuries from the impact.

A clip of the accident was posted on YouTube yesterday and has been viewed more than 160,000 time in 24 hours.

According to local media reports, the accident happened on June 14 at the Kataplum amusement park in Plaza las Antenas in the Mexican city on the Rio Grande.

It is not known if the ride has been inspected by local authorities, according Mexican media.