House chairman: “Pan-Macedonian organizations threaten MPs with ‘death’ or ‘life imprisonment’ for betrayal”!

“Some have gone way too far”


The chairman of the House Mr. Voutsis denounced that some of the Pan-Macedonian organizations sent to members of the Parliament a text message regarding the FYROM name dispute, that threatened them even with death or “life imprisonment” if they voted in favour of a name that will include the term “Macedonia”. The letter is reportedly sent by e-mail to all the 300 members of the Parliament.

“Some have gone way too far and I do not mean only the Golden Dawn leadership. Some from all over Europe have gone too far and in the last few years have a logic with which they shamelessly move on to the Nazis’ glorification. And some have gone too far here as well, because they have distributed to members of the Greek Parliament messages from representatives of the Pan-Macedonian organizations, who accuse us of betrayal and say that the sentence is death or life imprisonment for anyone who dares to vote on the Foreign Ministry’s and the Greek government’s proposal, if and when it comes to Parliament, for a composite name [for FYROM]”, he said.

Mr. Voutsis defended the four Greek Muslim MPs and attacked the MPs of Golden Dawn, saying that it is impossible for the House to be held as their “hostage”.

The House Speaker concluded: “The Greek Muslims MPs are equals with us and not just honored, they are at the forefront of parliamentary activity. All of them should have a clear political and moral support from all the MPs, so that no one will dare, whether in Australia and in America, or in Austria or in these seats, to talk again about ‘spies’ and ‘agents'”.

The Golden Dawn MPs that participate in the Foreign Policy and Defence Parliamentary Committee, namely, the General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos, Ilias Kasidiaris and Panagiotis Iliopoulos were fined with a 25% reduction of their salary for their behaviour towards the Greek Muslim MPs of the Committee.