How hackers ‘steal’ personal data from iPhone’s

The interception techniques can bypass the encryption process and the backup through supercomputing

Personal data, messaging, e-mail, photographs and contact lists can be intercepted from the  iPhone through techniques which are unknown to most managers and technical security services. These spyware techniques can bypass the encryption process and the backup through supercomputers.

In a recent conference Mr. Jonathan Zintraski a security researcher, said that no user of  iPhone is be able to know which elements can intercept anytime from their device or to prevent those who can steal personal information.

Mr Zintraski said that “there is no way to protect yourself, unless you completely dissolve your device and again without much hope”, at the  Hackers conference on Planet Earth in order to show the collaboration between Apple and the intelligence services of the United States of America.

“We designed the iOS which its features are designed to protect the privacy of users and owners of these devices, but there is no way that the IT departments of companies interested to steal to be stopped and not steal any data they wish” said Mr. Zintraski

According to Reuters, the technology giant Apple, implicitly acknowledging the problem, pledged to redesign some systems in the future to make it more difficult to steal personal data.

In an attempt to reassure the  iPhone holders Reuters stresses that are more secure than any other device of its rival Google whose Android operating system is considered less safe to steal personal data.

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