How simple maths can spice up your sex life!

Move over 69, here comes 68

Looking for ways to experiment in your sex life and spice it up like never before? Well, how about doing some simple math by subtracting one from 69, and voila! You have a new and super-steamy position to try out. Confused? The Internet is abuzz with the new ‘68’ sex position and it surely deserves a few minutes of your sex life. Here is all you need to know about it…
69 is one of the most tried and tested sex positions. It is great for a couple who like to give and receive pleasure at the same time and requires little multi-tasking. In case, you find this position a bummer because it makes it difficult for you to focus on both the tasks, ‘68’ can be a feasible option for you.

In this position, one of the partners lies on his or her back with feet apart. The other partner climbs on the top and lies with his or her back on the stomach of the partner. The head is placed between the thighs and genital near the mouth of the partner.