Hundreds evacuated from Spain holiday hotspot hotels as wildfires rage (VIDEO)

Hundreds of holidaymakers have been forced to flee their hotels after wildfires ravaged a popular tourist destination

More than 700 people have fled hotels, campsites and homes as a huge forest fire rips through southern Spain, emergency services said this morning.Huelva, on the Andalucian coast, has been on high alert for fires due to the heatwave in the area.

Only last week 63 people died in horrific wildfires in neighboring Portugal with some killed while trapped in their cars trying to escape the heat.

The blaze in southern Spain was discovered last night and is being treated as a level 1 – or maximum threat – by emergency services.

Currently there are 11 planes, 10 helicopters and dozens of land vehicles fighting the flames in a joint military-civilian operation.

Around 750 people were in local rescue centers, according to the emergency services.