Hungary passes “Stop Soros” bill

Law criminalises acts of aiding illegal immigrants

The Hungarian parliament passed a bill on Wednesday targeting NGOs. The law imposes jail terms on anybody seen to be aiding undocumented immigrants.

A passage of the so-called ‘Stop Soros’ set of laws, which was a key campaign promise by Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his successful re-election bid in April’s general elections was approved as the Fidesz party holding a supermajority in parliament.

The laws have been universally condemned by human rights groups, members of the European Parliament and the United Nations as an attack on the fundamental human rights of both asylum-seekers and those who protect them.

The Hungarian parliament passed the bill despite requests from the Council of Europe to wait until after the Venice Commission, their panel of constitutional law and human rights experts, issue their opinion on the bill, which is expected on Friday.

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