“I got him”: Watch video of Greek Mirage fighter jet pilot locking onto Turkish F-16 over Aegean Sea

Turkish F-16 jets harassed the aircraft carrying the Greek Defence Minister on Sunday

A Greek Mirage fighter jets has locked on to a Turkish F-16 jet over the Aegean Sea as the two pilots engage in a tough dog fight. The video was obtained by prorothema.gr and the Greek pilot can be heard saying “I got him” as he has the Turkish F-16 in his crosshairs and firing range.

The footage is from the day before yesterday, Sunday, May 3, and the dog fights over the Central Aegean, around the time when two other Turkish F-16s were harassing the Greek NH-90 military helicopter, which was carrying the Minister of National Defence Nikos Panagiotopoulos and the Chief of General Staff General Konstantinos Floros to Oinousses, Panagia, Agathonisi and Farmakonisi.

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The Turkish aircraft is trying to escape with aerial manoeuvres, but the Greek pilot is too skilled keeping on his tail and locking onto him.

On Sunday, May 3, eight Turkish F-16 fighter jets, armed with air-to-air missiles, made 13 low-altitude overflights above a series of Greek islands. Turkish fighter jets flew over Oinousses, Agathonisi, Arkios, Lipsi, Farmakonisi and Panagia Island on Sunday.