Illegal immigrant allegedly tries to rape tourist on Santorini

Police are investigating the suspect’s possible involvement in a ring that sells fake asylum documents

Greek police are investigating allegations of attempted rape made by a 21-year old tourist who said an illegal immigrant had attempted to sexually abuse her on the island of Santorini. Police are also examining if the suspect, who is now in custody, is a member of a circuit that legalises foreigners by selling them asylum documents.

Police officers from the Thira police precinct began combing the island after a 21-year-old tourist complained that an illegal immigrant tried to coerce her into having sex while she was vacationing in Santorini, on Tuesday morning. The young woman gave police a detailed description during her deposition, which led to his arrest later on Tuesday by the DIAS mobile motorcycle unit.

It was determined the 33-year-old suspect was residing illegally in the country. Authorities seized three fake asylum-seeking applications found in his possession, and police are examining if he intended to sell them and if he had any accomplices.
In the meantime, a case was filed against him for attempted rape, and he was later referred to the prosecutor of Naxos Criminal Court.