I’m “an old fool”: Jon Peters claims Pamela Anderson married him to pay off “bills”!

On Feb. 1, Pamela Anderson announced she had split from her new husband, movie mogul Jon Peters

Jon Peters is sharing his side of the story after the breakup of his 12-day marriage to Pamela Anderson.

The film producer, 74, told Page Six on Monday that Anderson, 52, had actually proposed to him over text.

“Needless to say that when she texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else and the lady was moving in,” Peters told the outlet.

He also alleged that Anderson married him to pay off her debts.

“I dropped everything for Pam,” he claimed, according to Page Six. “She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool.”

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