Inspiring story of legless model challenging perceptions of beauty (pics)

She plans to take part in 2018 Winter Olympics

Whenever we feel we are dealt a bad hand in life it always helps to put things in perspective. Meet Kanya Sesser, a girl from Thailand who after being born without legs was abandoned outside a Buddhist temple by her parents. At the age of five she was adopted by a family from the United States. She started modeling at the age of 15, posing for a number of sports brands, including Billabong, before underwear brands later scouted her. She also skis, surfs and plays basketball. Now at 23 she is a full-fledged model and extreme sports fan making a name for herself in California, and considering competing in the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea. ‘I don’t need to have legs to feel sexy’, she told the ‘Daily Mail’.

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