Europe’s biggest beer producers (infographic)

The top one should be no surprise

Beer lovers across the globe enjoy a pint or two of their favourite beverage come the weekend.

But what are the levels of beer production across the European Union? Last year, EU Member States produced more than 39 billion litres of beer containing alcohol and another billion litres of beer that contained 0.5 per cent alcohol or none at all.

Two-thirds of all beer produced across the EU in 2018 came from just six Member States, according to Eurostat. Germany had the highest levels of production of any country, churning out 8.3 billion litres or 21 per cent of total EU production. That means that around one in every five beers produced in the EU in 2018 originated in Germany. The United Kingdom had the second-highest output with 4.5 billion litres, followed by Poland with 4 billion litres.

source: statista