International call to tender for two historic hotels in Rhodes (photos)

Two hotels “Elafos” and “Elafina” to be handed over to private investor

An international call to tender for the concession of the two historic hotels of “Elafos” and Elafina” on the island of Rhodes, is expected to be launched in Spring. On February 21st the Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs published its decision for the the concession in the government gazette, labelling the structures as “historic sites in the tourist complex of Prophet Elias on the island of Rhodes.” The two buildings were built by the Italians in 1921 (Elafos) and 1932 (Elafina) and were initially used to host Italian military officers during the second World War and later as military hospitals for German soldiers. Following a relevant decision by the Rhodes council the two properties were consigned to the Municipal Limited Co. (DERM. SA), which in turn assigned the relevant economic and technical studies for the exploitation of the sites to a company called “New Symbol”. According to the study, the complex will be handed over to a private investor, who apart from undertake the management of the 22-bedroom hotel “Elafos”, which currently operates as a hotel, will also undertake restoration works for the 30-bedroom “Elafina” hotel, as well as the 17 quarters that are in a state of ruin. President of DERM. S.A Giannis Kourtis estimates the tender will take place in April. The Italians had adopted a northern European architectural style for reasons of propaganda.