Ioannina: An idyllic getaway with a long history

Stroll around the city to admire the traces of a bygone era

Ioannina, the beautiful capital of Epirus region, is built on the western shore of Lake Pamvotida and owes much of its appeal to its ideal location, surrounded by verdant mountains.

With the majestic lake as its trademark, the city of Ioannina amazes visitors with its unique character and cultural wealth. The birthplace of several noted novelists and poets, this fascinating city remains the cultural hub of rugged Epirus province, one that offers many events throughout the year.

Ioannina owes its multicultural architecture and ambiance to Orthodox Christian, Islamic and Jewish influences. This blend of cultural influences is clearly evident in the historic city centre.

Don’t miss

-The wonderful buildings like the House Matei Hussein, the Ottoman-era mosque of Veli Pasha and the entire historic centre of the town

– Remnants of the fortress city of Ioannina were first built in 528 AD by the Emperor Justinian. It is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece with significant influence over the history of the town.

– The Aslan Mosque and the southeast citadel of Itch-Kale in the castle town area.

– Don’t forget to visit Perama, one of the most spacious caves in Europe. The cave, a product of karst formation, dates back about one and a half million years.

– Try the local cuisine, which includes fresh fish cooked with local herbs, eels and trout from the lake and frog’s legs, a local delicacy.


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