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iPhone 6 still Apple’s best seller (infographic)

Released in 2007

Since the iPhone’s release in 2007, Apple sold more than 1.1 billion units of its bestselling product ever. While some argue that the iPhone is too expensive, data released by mobile market intelligence firm Newzoo suggests that the device’s longevity may be worth its price tag. According to Newzoo, 728 million iPhones were used around the world in April 2017, more than half of them from 2014 and older.

Comprising 21 percent of the installed base, the iPhone 6, first released in 2014, is still the most popular model on the market. Considering the typical two-year replacement cycle, many iPhone users may be eligible for an upgrade this year. As Apple is reportedly planning to release more than one new iPhone model in the fall, the world’s most valuable company could be looking at a very successful holiday season.

source: statista