Iron Maiden return to Greece for the Rockwave Festival! (VIDEOS)

The «Beast» is back!

After seven years, the Greek audience will have the chance to enjoy Iron Maiden again at Rockwave Festival 2018!

Following their highly successful world tour in 2016-17 to promote the 16th studio album “The Book Of Souls”, Maiden will be back on the road in 2018 with a series of concerts in Europe for the “Legacy Of The Beast World Tour” starting with Estonian Tallinn on May 26th and finishing at the O2 Arena, London on August 10th.

The Greek audience is expected to enjoy them on Friday, July 20, Rockwave Festival at Terra Vibe Park.

The full program of the European tour is posted at and the tour is expected to continue in 2019.

The “Legacy of the Beast World Tour” is inspired by Maiden’s mobile game and comic book and the stage set design will include a plethora of different but connected “worlds”, with the setlist covering a wide range of material from the 80’s and many surprises from their most recent albums, creating a variety.

Iron Maiden 2

Maiden’s manager, Rod Smallwood, explains:

“As our fans know, we’ve been following a particular touring cycle ever since Bruce and Adrian re-joined Maiden at the start of the millennium, alternating new album tours with “History/Hits” tours. We enjoy working this way for many reasons, not least because it gives the band a chance to play both new material and the older favourites which we know fans like to hear. It keeps things fresh, not just for the fans but for the band too.

“For this History/Hits tour we decided to base the theme around the ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ name, which suits our purposes perfectly by giving us scope to get creative and have some fun, especially with Eddie! I don’t want to give too much away at the moment but we’re working on a number of different stage sets, all in keeping with the Maiden tradition and we hope to give our fans a fantastic experience when they come to see this very special show.”

Ticket prices and pre-sales points will soon be announced.

Iron Maiden

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