Is Alexis Tsipras a marked man or just the …anti-Christ? (videos)

Or, none of the above? But rather, a Greek politician in the middle of a Big Fat Greek Crisis…

All eyes are on Greece and SYRIZA Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who is treading on a thin line between Greece’s bankruptcy or recovery. A Shock referendum call, persuasive speeches (for supporters) followed by dizzying capitulations (claimed by his opponents) have led to soaring international interest.

Marked man?

Author Stephen Lendmen is just the latest voice to point to the huge possibility, as he alleges, of an accident/assassination threatening Greece’s candid PM.

“Washington’s geopolitical strategy when bullying fails is either assassinating independent leaders, color revolutions, military coups or naked aggression,” writes Lendmen, in an unusual, for 2015, torrent of blind anti-Americanism reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s.

Moscow-based investigative journalist John Helmer also claims that SYRIZA is on thin ice pointing to the cracks. Helmer points to the appearance of Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland as a “bad omen”. Helmer says she’s “in charge of warmaking in Europe” and points to her notorious involvement in Ukraine’s February 2014 coup.



Being a charismatic 40-year-old makes Alexis Tsipras an ideal candidate, in many … fringe political and religious quarters, as being the anti-Christ. Some Book of Revelations-based conspiracy-theory aficionados claim his agenda is to deplete Greece’s and then the world’s money value, doing away with the money system before we begin to buy and sell goods and services with the “mark of the beast”.

Another “red flag” is that he is a self-professed atheist and popular with Russia. Let’s not forget his visits to the Vatican for a proposed peace plan between Israel and Palestine. Is Alexis Tsipras the Anti-Christ and Pope Francis the …false prophet?

Still not convinced. Anti-Christ enthusiasts, strangely, point to the following statement (although most reasonable people don’t know why):

“We discussed the need for peace to return on earth, for the immediate cessation of war interventions…(I) asked him to take an international initiative for the termination of conflicts in the Middle East. Finally, we agreed that the dialogue between the Left and the Christian Church must go on. We may have different ideological starting points, however, we converge on common values, like solidarity, love for the fellow human being, social justice, and our concern regarding world peace.”

Still not convinced?

  • elpida

    Alex Tsipras SYRIZA just has a tremendous amount of complexities to resolve between political parties internally externally with the Greek people and additionally with the media. Continuous exposure under high scrutiny and a beaming spotlight. Funny that he was elected as PM being an Atheist in a Greek Orthodox Religious community. Peaks all curiosities.

    • Jo Bless

      Sure does, and I for one always believed the AC would be atheist because they have a god complex, ironically enough. The Bible says he will also not honour the god of his fathers, and Greece sure has had many gods in it’s time. I also believe the desire of women is marriage. It seems every little girl dreams of being married and Tsipras refuses to marry because of it’s religious affiliation; He chooses to live in sin instead.I would just say to those quickly dismissing him, to go on discernment not what he is doing or not doing politically. because it could all change in the blink of an eye

  • Eustace

    Tsipras hasn’t any political skills, neither those required to shape a professional civil engineer. Also he proved that he is unqualified as a candidate for the leadership of the radical left wing party. Most of Syriza’s executives are opposed to him. Conversely to Tsipras and according to the bible, the antichrist will make miracles and he will bring peace on earth. The third world war is already starting. Does this make any sense?
    Alexis Tsipras is just a nerd used by New Democracy and Pasok for signing out the last “third”most destructive memorandum for the whole Greek Nation. Therefore, he is going to take out most political responsibilities for increasing the humanitarian crisis within Greece. Most of all , every Greek citizen has lost his/her faith on him.

    Do you still think this foolish man can be the Bible’s antichrist? My personal appreciation is that Golden Dawners shall bring him to justice soon.

    • Jo Bless

      That totally makes his re election even more bizarre, but the Bible says the man of sin will be revealed at the falling away, so whoever it is, no one can know yet.However there are some interesting points about this man that tends to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and one is he was born on the 9th of AV, which is a cursed day for Hebrews and then there is his name itself, His first name alone has 3 sixes. Now there aren’t many people who can’t boast that, but the very fact that an AC candidate does, should be enough to make any end times scholar take a closer look at him.

      • Eustace

        Hello Jo Bless,

        I was always curious about this topic, and I chose many times instead of going vacation to visit the Holy Mount for knowledge’s sake. Within this sacred place, most of the spiritual elders were preaching that simultaneously with the antichrist, the two prophets Elias and Enoch will show up and tell to the whole world who is going to be that beast. In the Apocalypse, the antichrist is killing the two prophets and then there is a reference about the resumption of their bodies into the skies.

        The funny is that Tsipras already have been to Holy Mount (for votes of course from Christians), actually this year, and one of the secret parts of the memorandum ,is to break the Avaton( Holy Mount is accepting only male visitors). The memorandum supposed to be related only with Greece’s “debt”, but the Europeans are asking for different and complicated reformations, such as trampling on Greece’s religion and traditions. Moreover ,they want the abolition of religious studies in most of the schools, and the government recently announced, that it’s not recognizing the genocide of the Greek Pontics.

        However, in our topic, who is the antichrist, I never heard of someone who really knows how to calculate to reveal his name and get the three sixes. Yet, I believe after the thirld world war he’ll appear as a peace maker and everyone will think of him as the messiah. Thus, political leaders at this time “preparing” the ground for his kingdom. Conversely to hundred of articles marking Tsipras as being the antichrist, I believe he’s just another one marionette. Of course, I’m not condone that we are very close to these facts. The third world war almost has started! Does this make any sense? Despite we don’t have any evidence who might be the antichrist, the fact that million of people on earth are in a continuous process interpreting Bible’s meanings, this is enough to think out how every human being foresight’s how does the close future looks like!


        • Jo Bless

          Well I only heard about him from a Pastor on a video, and i was like, nah, can’t be him, but then I thought, ok I’ll check him out, and of course more videos and web pages were dedicated to this man with tonnes of interesting info on him. When he stood down, I remember looking to God, yes I talk to him quite a bit about Tsipras, and said, this can’t be the end of him can it? Anyway I nearly fell over when I had seen he was re elected even though he had walked away. Something is keeping this man in this position for whatever reason, I do not know, but I do believe there isn’t a person alive that will know who this lawless one will be, yet. I go on 2 Thess 3 with that ” Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” I suppose if it was to be him, he would still be somewhat a background figure at the present time since it’s not his time yet. That would be the fact for whoever the man of sin will be, Again, no one knows if he is or isn’t. I sure won’t dismiss him just yet, and as for his name, for some strange reason I wanted to see if he had 3 sixes in his whole name, yet I ended up finding them in just his first name. I often wonder if there is a connection between the beast number 6 hundred 3 score and 6 and the number of gold Solomon received in his first year which was exactly the same number. There is so much to consider and sometimes I wish the Bible wasn’t so cryptic about the end times, because it can be confusing, but I do still find the 3 sixes in Alexis to be rather incredible. But even more incredible is the fact the Greek letter for 6 ( exi) is one of them. Once again, neither I or anyone else can possibly know who this person will be, I am hoping to be with Jesus before that happens, but in these troubled times, with so many lost souls, it’s getting harder and harder to reach them because of their incessant need for real proof of anything God, and I wish I had just something to give them that didn’t require faith like us Christians rely on.

          • Eustace

            Jo Bless!!

            I think that most of Greece’s population would have been knowning if the upcoming antichrist was about to be a Greek guy like Alexis Tsipras.
            As I said, we both agree that he keeps a key-position among with others like the new Pope, and perhaps with other major politicians.
            About the numbers, I heard that someone has to find the number which equals to each letter of the whole requested name and then all add them to give the three sixes. And what letters someone should use to get the number? From the Greek alphabet or from the English? And what if none of the two alphabets is giving three sixes for Alexis?

            I have to admit though, that I find it funny to assume that Tsipras is the perfect canditade for this “role”. He may be a dangerous man, and you know something? This is true. Since his first appearence in 2008, Greece started to changing.
            Four bank employees had burned including a pregnant young lady, during demonstrations were taking place in the center of Athens and mostly by members of the radical left- wing party. In the same way, Syriza has increased its percentages after the death of a teenager ( Alexis Grigoropoulos). Everything that has to do with blood it has a name- This is of Syriza’s. In contrast, everywhere in the world terrible things are happening! We could suggest that many others are the antichrist. For example, some might say that Erdogan ( Turkish President) could be the antichrist. He is a dictator! No?