Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

A report says couple shared news with their family

The long wait is finally over because Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly having a baby. According to a new report, the couple recently shared the good news with their family and friends. Their final attempt to get pregnant finally paid off.

A source told New Idea that it has been the mission of the 48-year-old actress and the 46-year-old actor to try and conceive a baby by Christmas. They reportedly can’t believe that their dream of having a child of their own is finally coming true.

An insider revealed that Justin is very supportive of Jennifer on whether she wanted to have kids or not. When she allegedly decided that she wanted to try getting pregnant one last time, her husband immediately said yes. The couple is reportedly still in the early stages of pregnancy and that’s why they want to wait a bit longer before they reveal the baby news to the public.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may not only have one baby because another source revealed that the lovebirds are considering adoption. According to the insider, the Friends alumni and The Leftovers star are thinking about adopting a baby from Puerto Rico.