Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? (photo)

Internet rumours run wild after bloated tummy

Kendall Jenner’s followers are now debating whether or not the model is pregnant because of her latest Instagram snap. It’s the ultimate facepalm, fans are now speculating over the image of Kendall as they think she might have a baby belly. SMH – Can a girl not show an ounce of a shadow or bloat after a meal without being asked if she’s preggers? Kendall uploaded an image of herself in a fitted dress with the caption: ‘Loner live’ and sparked a whole heap of speculation. One user wrote: ‘Kendall Jenner is pregnant OMFG,’ while others added: ‘Seems she’s pregnant not Kylie’ and ‘Is she pregnant too?’
But after fans stayed glued to their phones to see if Kylie Jenner would confirm baby news on the card on the final day, they were left bitterly disappointed as she didn’t make an appearance at all.


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