Is Nasa hiding aliens? Astronaut covers up evidence of mystery flashing lights moving past the space station, UFO hunters claim (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

According to “UFO International Project”, however, Secure 10 is a hoax site

Astronauts on board the International Space Station are hiding evidence of aliens.
At least that’s the latest wild claim made by a group of UFO hunters who believe they have spotted strange flashing lights near the ISS.
The ‘mystery lights’ were seen in video uploaded by conspiracy theorist group Secure 10.

They claim it was filmed from the ISS by an astronaut filming the view of Earth from outer space.
When the glowing lights appear, the astronaut places his hand in front of the camera, Secure 10 claims.
A similar ‘cover up’ takes place when a light is seen crossing Earth. At around the same time, the astronaut covers the camera with his hand.
One commentator wrote: ‘These are some incredible clips, I’ve never seen any of them.
‘How could anyone possibly debunk these?’
While it isn’t always possible to determine exactly what these objects are during the brief period they appear in the stream, there are a number possible explanations for these types of sightings.
In the past, a Nasa spokesperson has explained, ‘Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.’
‘Alien’ objects near the ISS appears to be a favourite topic among conspiracy theorists who often scour Nasa feeds to find what they believe to be evidence of ET.

In November, a fast-moving object was spotted flying by the International Space Station moments before its livestream went dead.
Conspiracy theorists argued this provided evidence that Nasa is covering up proof of a UFO.
In the footage from the ISS channel uploaded to YouTube by user ColdPyro, a white speck can be seen emerging from the darkness just above Earth’s horizon.
Before the ‘UFO’ travels out of view, the feed cuts to a grey screen, followed by a statement asking users to ‘please stand by’ due to technical issues.

‘This was found on the official ISS channel it appears a UFO comes into frame and the feed it then immediately cut,’ wrote YouTuber ColdPyro.
The object in question can only be seen for a moment – it emerges around the 5-second mark, just to the left of center in the frame, and then the feed cuts out to grey just two seconds later.
A blue screen follows this, and then a statement: ‘Please stand by. The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.’
This isn’t the first time UFO hunters have spotted something strange near the ISS.