Israeli Tourism Minister: Israeli citizens should avoid visiting Turkey

In an interview on TV

Israeli Minister for Tourism Minister Yariv Levin urged Israelis to avoid visiting Turkey following Ambassador Eitan Na’eh’s humiliating frisk at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.
In an Ynet interview Thursday, Levin said, “I advise not to visit Turkey, and I would have said the same even prior to recent events.” “As long as Turkey treats us like it did, there is no reason to fly there,” he added.
“Israel has no interest in severing trade relations with Turkey. However, visiting it benefits the Turks financially and I don’t think we should insist on flying there,” the tourism minister explained.

Levin also slammed Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, saying he is a leader that repeatedly exploits Israel to make headlines for himself as an attempt to raise support before upcoming elections in Turkey.

“I think Israel and Turkey’s relations are based on mutual interests. As long as Erdoğan (is in power), relations (between the two countries) will not go back to what they once were. I definitely think the last word hasn’t been said here,” Levin elucidated.

“Maybe when the Erdoğan era ends, we’ll witness a different kind of leadership that will place Turkey’s interests first,” he stated.

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