Italian couple cover travel costs by selling their sex videos!

They visited Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Greece and Montenegro and are currently in Argentina

A couple who met during a threesome are now travelling the world after making a fortune selling sex videos at £3.50 a time.
Kim, 23, and Paulo, 28, fell in love after taking part in a threesome at a party. Kim said that their exhibitionist natures propelled them to film their sexual encounters from the beginning and one night they decided to publish it online.
They wanted to break into the porn industry but initially did not know how.
But once they shared their videos online the couple decided that they could live their dream life – travelling the world together and getting paid to have sex.
They’ve now given up their jobs in an IT firm to make porn videos full time – and travel the world on the money they make.
The couple first met when a female colleague invited them out for an afternoon, which ended up in the three of them in bed together.
Kim, who worked as a translator in the company and Paolo, who was a media designer, said that they instantly felt a connection and shared a love of exhibitionist sex – ideally outdoors – and travel.
After their first steamy encounter Kim said that they ”couldn’t be apart ever again” although they happily describe themselves as swingers and consider their relationship to be very open and enjoy getting intimate with new people together.

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