Jean Claude Juncker’s bizarre moment ruffling a woman’s hair at the EU (video)

It comes a day after his “spat” with Theresa May

Video footage shows the bizarre moment Jean-Claude Juncker ruffled a woman’s hair as he arrived at the European Council summit in Brussels today, a days after a video showed him what appeared to be an awkward encounter with British PM Theresa May.
As he walked up to the official, the EU deputy chief of protocol Pernilla Sjölin, he put his hand behind her head and tossed her hair up multiple times.

He then kissed her on the cheek as he greeted her in the Belgian capital.
It was shortly after this that he and Theresa May clashed over his “nebulous” comment.
Mrs May is thought to have suggested the comment was aimed at her, though Mr Juncker has since denied this.

He told a press conference that their heated conversation resulted from a misunderstanding and the PM was “kissing” him within hours.