Jon Voight predicts Trump’s re-election: He’s “going to win the presidency once again”

The actor also suggested that a Hollywood blacklist was an attack on Trump supporters and members of the Republican party

Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight attended the Hollywood premiere of Disney’s Maleficent and flattered President Trump, predicting his re-election.

The 80-year-old Academy Award winner attended the September 30th event at El Capitan Theatre, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, reflected on political strains and criticized the Democratic party. (On September 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instigated a formal impeachment inquiry, an initial investigation into whether President Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.”)

“I’m a big supporter of our president, and I feel that what has happened with the Democratic party is something that I’d never thought I’d see happen,” Voight told The Hollywood Reporter. “This is not the Democratic party of John Kennedy, who I was in support of. They had many heroes in the Democratic party. They have no heroes today. There’s a lot of slander and name-calling and lying that’s going on and passing itself off as news. This is my opinion. That’s where I stand and I don’t like it. Somebody has to stand up and say that and punch back at that nonsense. This is not America. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent America anymore.”

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