Kalasnikov armed criminal ring dismantled

On the 2nd of July they repeatedly shot against police officers with Kalashnikovs

Greek police officers arrested three Albanians aged 20,24,26, while they are still looking for another three of the same origin members of the same gang. Against the 24 year old man an arrest warrant is pending for robbery in Chios.

According to a police announcement six cases of robberies, 25 of thefts and an  attempted theft case have been solved.

Also, on the 2nd of July in the area of Inofita, the arrested had repeatedly shot against police officers about seven times with Kalashnikovs, while they police was chasing them after the robberies they had committed in the area.

The police investigation came to the conclusion that the perpetrators had set a criminal organization with continuous action and committing armed robberies and thefts in jewelry shops, businesses, homes and cars .

The arrested were driven to the Prosecutor in Athens, while  the search for their participation in other similar offenses continues.