Kammenos on Prespes Agreement: I don’t know if Kotzias received any money

Former Defence Minister said PM Tsipras broke his party up

Former Defence Minister and the leader of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) Panos Kammenos made some serious accusations in relation to the Prespes Agreement.
Speaking on Monday morning on Ant-1 TV’s morning current affairs show, Mr Kammenos said: “I do not know if Kotzias (ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs) received any money, but he handed over the Foreign Ministry’s visas to a company that is owned by an offshore company owned by Soros”, underlying that said Panos Kammenos, stressing that “the whole Skopje story was business”.
As he said, “people involved with Prespes Agreement seem to have a conflict of interest”. “If you are exposing a shipping magnate and he ends up winning, then it becomes clear we were made fools of”, he said.
Commenting on his relationship with SYRIZA and PM Alexis Tsipras, Mr Kammenos revealed that the PM had proposed to him to establish a joint party and offered him to be a candidate on the SYRIZA ballot.
“Tsipras caused the break-up of ANEL’s party. Our relations went sour when I realised that he wanted my MPs”, Kammenos said, adding that ANEL had brought about national reconciliation between the left and the right.
Mr Kammenos estimated the general elections would be held on March 25.