Kammenos: We will stay in the government until the Prespa Agreement comes to Parliament

He blasted party dissenters on the Macedonian issue

“Our cooperation and our stay in the government will last the breaking point. Until the Prespa Agreement comes to the House. When it comes to parliament we will withdraw,” said Defence Minister Panos Kammenos during a speech at the National Council of ANEL in Thessaloniki.

The leader of the government’s junior coalition partner said the cooperation of ANEL with SYRIZA has always been an “honest and open cooperation, a public partnership”. “I did not collaborate with Alexis (PM Alexis Tsipras) to cover up the graft of past years, as PASOK and ND did. We worked together to save our homeland. What we have to say is public and clear,” the head of ANEL said.
Mr Kammenos called the party MPs who did not tow the party line on the Macedonian issue ‘dissenters’ who he had brought to the public light.