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Kastoria, Greece: 24 carats fur made of fiber-embedded gold! (PHOTOS)

A unique fur, the product of nanotechnology

A 24-carat gold fur was presented by a scientist in Kastoria.

Using the nanotechnology method, the scientist and researcher Dr.Ing. Hristo Hadjiev, a Soha Innovations research and development executive, presented the creation at the Western Macedonia Fur Center.

Its price starts at 40,000 euros and can reach up to 200,000 Hristo Hadjiev says and there are currently only three unique pieces worldwide, one of which “has already been purchased and a Russian is enjoying it”.

Its creator pointed out that the fur is made of 24 carat gold fibers and can be obtained on order, while he added that the construction time required only a few weeks.

Mr. Hadjiev also noted that the manufacture of original fur has its roots in nanotechnology, but when asked to provide more information he said that “I can not reveal the secrets as NASA is monitoring us”!

As he revealed, the idea was born when, during his visit to a fur exhibition, four years ago abroad and as he wandered around the premises, he thought it would look very nice in gold or silver.

So he made his idea of ​​reality and, as he pointed out, “it did not take me more than six months to build this innovation.”

The fur was first presented worldwide at the 42nd Kastoria International Fur Fair.