Katsifas’ mother at protothema.gr: “Tsipras did not help us at all”

“Tsipras He did not find one word to say”


The mother of Konstantinos Katsifas talked to “protothema.gr“.

With tears in her eyes, she talks about her son and expresses her complaint that the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, did not help them.

As she said, she still expects a telephone from the Prime Minister.

“Why should my child be there for ten days?”, she is asking, referring to Albania’s refusal to give back the body of Konstantinos Katsifas.

“Mr. Tsipras did nothing. He did not help us anywhere, at all. He did not find one word to say”, he says.

“I am torn to pieces, I am tired”, she says with all her strength.

Mrs. Vassiliki Katsifa thanked all Greeks for their support and wished them “to have Virgin Mary by their side. To have the power to be able to speak, to speak properly for the right of the world. This I want as a mother”.