Kim Kardashian offered $1 million to use likeness for virtual sex

If Kim agrees to the million bucks, VirtualMate says they will need to film her in a motion capture suit to get all her movements digitized

Millions of people may soon get the chance to be a superstar with Kim Kardashian, that is if she accepts a $1 million indecent proposal.

The offer letter was sent to Kardashian by a company called VirtualMate, which has created a device allowing users to have an interactive and immersive sexual encounter with a virtual person via the use of virtual reality and a digital contraption.

The device, which is referred to as a “core,” is said to provide a realistic experience, which VirtualMate promises will be the “bridge between virtual and reality.”

The company claims their cores perceive “depth, speed, and strength,” and respond in real-time.

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