Kim Kardashian reveals naked body to promote new fragrance! (photo-video)

The bottle has the shape of her body

Kim Kardashian West just revealed her latest fragrance bottle and, as promised, it’s shaped like her body.
On Wednesday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 37, unveiled the bottle for her newest scent ‘KKW Body’ on social media.
“Alright guys, I want to show you my bottle for ‘KKW Body,’” Kardashian West said in her Instagram story, as she opened up a grey colored box, which featured a nude figure, inspired by her own body, inside.
“So this is not the press box you guys, this is the regular box,” she continued. “I didn’t do press boxes because I wanted everyone to get this amazing box, I thought this was such a cool box within itself, that the bottle is like on a statue pedestal like a statue in a museum.”