Kosovo issues an ultimatum to the US & EU

The tension between Serbia and Kosovo is far from over


Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj has submitted a document to the ambassadors of the five main western countries and representatives of the European Union in Pristina regarding the process of talks with Serbia.

Through this document, premier Haradinaj says that his government is ready to suspend the tariffs imposed on Serbia if several conditions are met, starting with the holding of an international conference which will enable the signing of an inclusive and legally binding agreement for both countries.

The document says that “the United States and the European Union must pledge and guarantee that the Conference shall not discuss issues such as: changes of Kosovo’s existing borders, division of Kosovo or territorial swaps; granting executive powers to the association of Serb municipalities in Kosovo; measures of any nature based on concession agreements dating prior to 17 February 2008”.

The document also states that “the EU must pledge that: citizens of the Republic of Kosovo will be granted a visa free regime before the start of the Conference and that the implementation of Energy Agreement reached in Brussels between Kosovo and Serbia will start before the Conference kicks off”.

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