Landlord offers woman rent cut in exchange for breast pics

“Breast pics for 2 pics the rent gets reduced by £200,” he said

A woman thought she’d found the perfect property until the landlord offered to lower her rent in exchange for photos of her breasts.

Georgia Linehan, from Kent, posted a shocking screenshot to Twitter showing her text messages with a man whose property she was interested in renting.

“That’s the last time I try and find a house on Gumtree,” she wrote.

The WhatsApp conversation shows the man sent her a number of standard-looking photos of a house on Regent Street, Whitstable, for which the monthly rent was £695.

Ms Linehan was pleased with both the rent and the location, and told the landlord she would “have a think and get back to you in a couple of days”.

He then told her there was “an option to reduce rent” if she was interested. When she asked for more information, he said he owned a modelling company and some of his tenants do “boob work” for him.

“Breast pics for 2 pics the rent gets reduced by £200,” he said.