Late billionaire David Rockefeller’s granddaughter Ariana in Mykonos (photos)

Rich & Famous in Mykonos!

Ariana Rockefeller left her private paradise in Florida for a few days and traveled to Mykonos to get acquainted with the beauty of the island and Frixos Dracontidis of was there to report everything.

It is true that the visits of famous celebrities to Mykonos from every corner of the planet are no longer big news unless they try to make headlines as it happened with the top model Gigi Hadid and the whole theft controversy.

This is why celebrities such as Ariana Rockefeller, the granddaughter of David Rockefeller who died last year, can go unnoticed in the crowd, something that fascinates people who are accustomed to the paparazzi’s presence in every step they take.

Ariana Rockefeller traveled to Mykonos with the young Jack Morgan.

They stayed the “Semeli’s” suites, dined at “Kensho’s” as well as “Bill’s and Coo’s”, entertained at “Interni’s” and “Scorpio’s” while visiting Delos, admiring the energy and natural beauty of the ancient landscape.